The text content and photos are provided by the customer. The fee includes uploading the website to the designated server. We can also introduce some hosting companies. The cost of the hosting service for this website is only US$20 a year.

Google PageSpeed

Page speed is an important factor measured by Google, which will affect website ranking. We can get Google PageSpeed 100 points even if there are as many as 50 pages. The reason is that we mainly use html, css and javascript. PHP is used in the contact form only. A website designer with 20 years of experience said: Use HTML instead of PHP if the content is not dynamic. PHP must be run through a processor. HTML is interpreted directly by the browser.

Create Website by Program

We have created a program that can directly turn folders, text files and photos into a website. The folder names will become the website button names. The completed website does not rely on third-party programs such as Wordpress or WIX. The most basic website hosting plan is enough to run the website. The website will adjust the layout on a phone. We will compress all photos as file size reduction will help speed up the website. Our program is not ready to integrate other interactive functions such as shopping cart, payment and booking system.

We have two other programs. One can change the width and height of a large number of photos, and the other can generate gantt chart quickly. Please go to the pages of Photo Resizer and Schedule Generator on this website to view and download the trial versions.

Modify Website

We can provide a program that allows you to easily add or modify web pages. You only need to add a new folder on your computer, create a text file and put the photos into the folder. The program will complete the new website automatically. Lastly you can use the free program FileZilla to upload the website to the hosting server.


* Google map and video will reduce website speed

Below is the PageSpeed ​​score of