Photo Resizer

This program can resize all the photos in a folder quickly. It will not modify the original photos. New photos will be created and saved in a new folder. Free version resizes 3 photos each time. Full version is without limit.


5 options:

1. Set new width to all photos.
2. Set new height to all photos.
3. Reduce all photos to a percentage of the original size. If 100% is entered, the photo size will be unchanged but the file size may be smaller.
4. Reduce all photos in a new ratio. This will either cut away part of the left & right sides or top & bottom.
5. Resize to specified width x height. The aspect ratio is unchanged.

How to use:

1. Double click the file "Photo_Resizer.exe".
2. Select the folder which contains your photos (support formats: jpg, jpeg, png & gif).
3. Select resizing by width, height, percent, ratio or width x height.
4. Enter the values and click OK.


1. This program does not require installation. It is designed to run in computer with Windows OS.
2. It can be run in USB stick.